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The flicked up ends to the ears of golden guernseys appeared as a 'fault' after the introduction of an anglo nubian male into the bloodlines to improve milk quality.

There is no evidence to support the idea of french, syrian or maltese ancestry in the golden guernsey.

The golden guernsey was one of three 'golden' breeds developed in the channel islands, the other 2 being the jersey cow and the extinct golden donkey.

The golden guernsey was bred to be a heavy milker.

The BGS opened its register to goldens in 1970

Between 1970 and 1980 golden guernseys represented only 1% of british goats registered with the BGS

In 2005 golden guernseys represented 14% of the goats annually registered with the BGS.

Golden goats were first registered in Guernsey in 1922, but were first recorded in a tourist guide in 1826.

Archeological finds include a 'guernsey' type goat over 2000 years old.

The golden guernsey is the only native rare breed of dairy goat in the uk., (the English goat is technically a dual purpose breed)





The british pygmy goat is descended from crosses of the west african and the nigerian pygmy.

Until 2010 there were no pure white pygmys, since 2010 a change in the rules means there can now be pure white pygmys.

The pygmy goat confirmation is of a 'meat' breed, but it is an excellent milker.

More pygmy goats are registered each year than any other breed of goat.

London zoo had pygmy goats in the 1870's

Pygmy goats can breed at any time of year.

The pygmy goat club was formed in 1982

The maximum height of a male, at the withers, is 22" and  female 21"

The minimum height of both the male and female, at the withers, is now 17" (increased from 16")

The plural of Pygmy is Pygmys not Pygmies (it's a proper noun)  



All mints except Pennyroyal are hardy.

Mint can be grown indoors to provide a year round crop

Pennyroyal can be used as a flea repellant ( doesn't work  though!!!!)

Ash twigs make an excellent egg whisk

Emperor Chin Nong composed a herbal in  2700 bc

The first known egyptian herbalist and physician was Imhotep in 2980 bc

Parsley reduces the aroma of garlic on the breath.

Most edible herb varieties will not breed true from seed. 

Mint is the most important herb in the world for oil extraction