golden guernsey and pygmy goats. Largest culinary herb garden in UK, mint, lemon balm and chive national collections, veg plants, goatkeeping and self sufficiency courses


The gardens have been developed out of culm grassland.

The underlying soil is heavy clay, so the only way to create productive gardens was to build a complex of raised beds.


  Mentha Julias Sweet Citrus

The beds all have different themes, some are used for vegetable production, but the majority are dedicated to single herbs. 

We have 3 national collections 

The individual varieties within the beds are kept segregated  to ensure the purity of each cultivar. 

This leads to the beds taking on the appearance of a physic garden, and gives  visitors a rather unique experience of a most unusual garden.



The unique way our gardens are made  makes them easilly accessable to wheelchair users. 


 All the beds are surrounded by hard paths which make them relatively easy to manouvre wheelchairs on