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The goat

Recent discoveries of 'cave art' show an apparently domesticated goat from 40,000 years ago.

Remains of bones imply selection, and farming of stock.

That makes the goat the oldest farm animal of all


Despite its long association with man, in the U.K. the goat was very much the 'poor mans cow.'

Successive governments failed to recognise its potential, yet down the decades, 

despite official indifference, the British Goat rose to become the finest dairy goat in the world. 

The rise of the green movement, and the realisation that we cannot afford to import all our food from abroad,

  led to the vitalisation of the 'grow your own' movement.


 Allied to that  realisation, the goat is not only thriving  but is booming!!


Small holding, Small farming,  Backyard farming, allotmenteering,

 call it what you like, but the goat is becoming an essential part of this new movement.


It's taken us over 100 years to realise that which our great, great, grandparents knew.......