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Our gardens are laid out on level wheelchair friendly surfaces, allowing easy access for all.

We also have a wheelchair loan service if required,

 which you can book, by telephoning ahead on 01288381569



The following chives, mints and lemon balms from the National collections

may be seen in the collections at Penborn




Melissa / lemon balm

Melissa officinalis

Melissa officinalis Aurea

Melissa officinalis Aurea

Melissa officinalis Lemonella

Melissa officinalis Lemonella

Melissa officinalis lime

Melissa officinalis lime

Melissa officinalis compacta

Melissa officinalis compacta

Melissa officinalis Quedlinburger

Melissa officinalis all gold

Melissa officinalis citronella


Mentha / mint


We now have over 250 varieties of mint

which has resulted in the need for a numerical referencing system


the numbers on either side of the plants name tells you where to find it in the gardens,

 there are 2 or more examples of each variety ,

 making over 500 plants to search through, if you did not know the reference!! 

B2 spicata Verte Blanche

B3 Newbourne PG4-16

B4 Algerian Fruity PG1-19

B5 Mobillei PG3-20

B6 x piperita Blue Balsam

B7 Scottish mint

B8 smithiana PG3-5 MG6-13

B9 Hilaryfs sweet lemon MG3-14, PG1-1

B10 tomentosa B-38, PG4-3

B11 Turkish tea mint B-82

B12 Thai mint

B13 longifolia variegata

B14 Lemon mint MG53

B15 Curly peppermint

B16 moosepinte MG1-12

B18 maximilliana

B19 brevifolia B-24, B-52

B20 spicata crispa spencer town

B21 Carol MG6-9

B22 Bergamot MG7-6, MG*7-2 , T2-2 MG1-9

B23 libonon minze

B25 white spearmint PG4-20, MG5-10, PG1-11 MG*7-5

B26 vadstenamynte

B27 white flower morrocan PG4-10, T3-9

B28 silver MG5-13, MG5-13

B29 plain leaved Russian MG3-9

B30 TicTac

B31 Chocolate, MG7-19, MG5-2,

B32 ordinary peppermint

B33 Milly Mitcham MG2-8

B34 New Zealand MG7-21

B35 Ross mint MG5-16

B36 Spicata var crispa B-43

B37 Longifolia short form MG1-27 B-93

B38 Tomentosa PG4-3 B-10

B39 Donau mint

B40 Variegated

B41 Arvensis banana B-53, B-59 B-69 B-77

B42 Spicata from Jamaica

B43 Spicata var crispa B-36

B44 Portuguese piperita

B45 Pluto MG1-14

B46 Chartreuse

B47 Rumanische minze Johanisdorf MG4-4

B48 Arabian

B49 Microfolia

B50 Multimentha

B51 Chinese

B53 Arvensis banana B-41, B-59, B-69, B-77

B54 Cervina

B56 Sauveolens strawberry

B57 Hadscheim

B58 Ginger mint

B59 Arvensis banana B-77, B-41,`B-69, B-77.


B61 Carmagnole

B62 Linaminze B-75

B63 Pierita alba

B64 Thai Bai Baronae MG5-11 MG2-26

B65 Bulgarian ( tirups)

B66 Citronminte citris (zitronen)

B67 Deli nana

B68 Canaries PG4-1, MG7-1

B69 Arvensis banana B-41, B-53, B-59, B-77

B70 Arvensis citrus lemon B72

B71 Nemrosa MG3-12

B72 Arvensis citrus lemon B70

B73 Citrata Basil B92

B74 NepatoidesMG4-11

B75 Linaminza B-62

B76 Longifolia MG4-6

B78 Dahurica

B79 Bettyfs Slovakian PG4-13

B80 Berries and cream

B81 Mexican

B82 Tukish Tea Mint

B83 Kartner

B84 Gracilis

B85 Kentucky Colonel

B86 Nikdaj

B87 Gentilis var subspicata

B88 Slotsmint from a castle

B89 Tunisia crispy


B91 Aquatica var crispa

B92 Basil B-73

B93 Longifolia short form MG1-27 B-37

B94 2-117

B96 Longifolia Buddleia MG3-3


B98 Murray Mitcham PG4-2 MG1-17 MG4-1 MG5-8

B99 Cevina alba

B100 From hasselbakgard

B101 Brundall PG2-4



1 Hilarysf sweet lemon B-9 MG3-14

2 Le Boule PG3-18

3 dutomasum

4 Verona MG6-3

5 arvensis var piperascens

6 piperita f. officinalis PG2-7

7 Mexican

8 green ginger MG517 Green Ginger

9 Algerian Fruity B4

10 sauveolens Hollandia PG2-12

11 white spearmint

12 Black Mitcham

13 Portuguese

16 Jacks green MG1-19 PG4-19

17 long folia from Crete MG1-23

19 logees variegated MG75

20 Chilean MG2-1


1 polymentha MG1-16

2 Spanish pointed PG4-5

3 Jokka MG1-20

4 brundall B-101

5 fruitata PG4-4 MG7-4

6 wintergreen

7 piperita officinalis PG1-6

7 ruman

9 Persephone MG1-13

10 Nile Valley MG62 MG4-12

12 sauveolens Hollandia PG1`-10

13 orange MG55 Orange

14 Malta MG1-7

15 Spanish Fruity MG3-3

16 Italian

17 rhodos

18 Turkish green MG519

19 aquatica sayakaze

20 balsamic


1 Algerian tea mint

2 piperita officinalis MG7-3

3 reglise

5 smithiana MG613

6 traditional garden mint MG4-2

7 camus MG1-4

8 lacerata

9 elighausen MG1-8 MG1-22

10 Polynesian MG3-6

11 schulhaus

12 pom MG1-18

13 nana MG1-15

14 May MG1-10

15 purple

16 costa rica

17 dionysis

18 le boule PG1-2

19 origon MG6-12

20 mobillei


1 canaries MG7-1

2 Murray Mitcham MG1-17 MG4-1 MG5-08 B-98

3 tomentosa B-10, B-38

4 fruitata MG7-4 , MG*7-4 PG2-5

5 Spanish pointed PG2-2

6 eucalyptus MG7-16

7 white spearmint PG4-20, MG5-10

8 variegated peppermint

9 grapefruit

10 Morrocan T3-9, B-27

11 Gurke MG1-5

12 citronimayace citrus

13 Bettysfslovakian B-79

14 Crisp Russian MG6-1

15 pelargonium fPortuguesef

16 Newbourne B-34

17 carmagnole PG4-18

18 carmagnole PG4-17

19 Jacks Green MG1-19, PG1-16


1 American grapefruit

2 Vietnam MG2-14

3 Morroko

4 Camus PG3-7

5 Cucumber PG4-11

6 Small Dole MG6-10

7 Malta PG2-14

8 Elighausen PG3-9, MG1-22

9 Bergamot B-22, MG7-6, MG7-2, T2-2

10 May PG3-14

11 Marrakesh MG2-12

12 Moospinte B-16

13 Persephone PG2-9

14 Pluto B-45

15 Nana PG3-13

16 PolymenthaPG2-11

17 Murray Mitcham PG4-2, MG4-1, MG5-8, B-98

18 PomPG3-12

19 Cordifolia James Green PG4-19, PG1-16

20 Jokka PG2-3

21 Mandarin

22 Elighausen MG1-8 PG3-9

23 Longifolia from Crete PG1-17

24 Brundall

25 Grapefruit T36

26 2-100 MG2-9

27 Longifolia short form B-93 B-37

28 Angustifolia

29 Morrocan tea mint MG51

30 X piperita citrata

31 3-11

32 Sauveolens MG4-8

33 Florence T32


1Chillean PG1-20

2 Arvensis Canadensis

3 Tomentosa MG2-6

4 Var crispa

5 2-28

6 Tomentosa MG2-3

7 Dutomasum T31 , T34

8 Milly Mitcham B-33

9 2-100 MG1-26

10 Guernsey MG72 T3-10


12 Marakesh MG1-11

13 Sauveolens subsp. Timija MG7-10

14 Vietnam MG1-2

15 3-112

16 4-11 MG2-21


18 Crisp black

19 Piperita dark stemmed

20 Apple period

21 4-11 MG2-16


23 2-10

24 2-117

25 chewing gum mint

26 Thai Bai Baronae/ curled black MG511 Thai Bai Baronae


1 From Hasselbakgard

2 Reverchonii

3 Spanish fruity PG2-15

4 Pineapple MG4-18

5 Verte blanche

6 Polynesian PG3-10

7 Orangery

8 X piperita Swiss MG7-17, T3-3 MG*7-10

9 Plain Russian B-29

10 pelugium upright MG7-20

11Sauveolens Bowles variety MG4-20

12 Nemorosa B-71

13 Corsican

14 Hillarys sweet lemon B-9, MG3-14, PG4-1


1 Murray Mitcham MG5-8, PG4-2, MG1-17, B-98

2 garden mint PG3-6

3 longifolia Buddleia mint group B-96

4 Romanische Johannisdorf B-47

5 2-123

6 Longifolia B-76

7Pipetita Proserpina MG4-12

8 Sauveolens MG1-32

9 Disected lime

10 Anis MG6-6

11 Nepatoides B-74

12 Prosepina MG4-7

13 Black horehound

14 Nile valley MG6-2, PG2-10

15 85-35-65

16 Shelpe veronica MG5-9, T3-7

17 Citronmynte Citrus (Kagenhild)

18 Pineapple MG3-4

19 Cornish crinkle

20 Schoenoprasum bowles variety MG3-11

21 South of France MG5-18


1 Morrocan MG1-29

2Chocolate B3-1 MG7-19

3 Lemon Mint B-14

4 Black peppermint MG6-11

5 Orange Mint PG2-13

6 Eau De Cologne T2-1, MG7-13

7 Kentucky Colonel

8 Murray Mitcham Mg4-1, PG4-2, MG1-17, B-98

9 Shelpe Veronica MG4-16, T3-7

10 White Spearmint PG4-20, MG5-10, PG1-11, MG7-5

11 Thai Bai Baronae MG2-26

12 Villosa

13 Silver MG5-20,

14 Pelugium


16 Ross Mint B-35

17 Green Ginger PG1-8


19 Turkish Green PG2-18

20 Silver MG5-13, B-28


1 Crisp Russian PG4-14

2 Nile Valley MG4-14, PG2-10

3 Verona PG1-4

4 Lavender

5 Spicata Roman

7 Hemmingways Mojito

8 Black Mitcham peppermint , T3-5 ,

9 Carol B-21


11 Black peppermint , MG5-4

12 Origon PG3-19

13 Smithiana PG3-5, B-8

14 spicata var crispa / morrocan


1 Canaries PG4-1, B-68


3 Officinalis x piperita PG3-2

4 Fruitata PG4-1, PG2-5

5 Logees PG1-19

7*5 White Spearmint B-25 PG4-20 MG5-10, PG1-11

6 Smithiana PG3-5, B-8

7 Costa Rica MG*71

8 Tashkent MG7-18, MG*7-11

9 P5

10 Sauveolens Timija MG2-13

11 Aquatica

12 From Thailand


14 Pharoah

15 requienni

16 Eucalyptus PG4-6



19 Chocolate MG5-2, B-31


21 New Zealand B-34

MG*75 white peppermint


1 Fruit Rouge

2 Sweetis Vichy

3 La grande Rouge

4 Figue

5 Suave

6 Coconut

8 Geranium Rosa


1 Eau-De-Cologne MG5-6, MG7-13

2 Bergamot MG7-6, MG7-2 MG1-9


4 Melissa compacta



7 Bulgarian (Nielson)

8 Ribe Court



1 Dutomasum MG7-2 T3-4

2 Florence MG1-33


4 Dutomasum MG2-7 T3-1

5 Black Mitcham Peppermint MG6-8,

6 Grapefruit MG1-25

7Shelpe Veronica MG5-9, MG4-16

8 Logees reverted

9 Morrocan PG4-10, B-27

10 Guernsey MG2-10, MG7-



Schoenoprassum  Besides leaves, try using the flowers in salads

Schoenoprassum 'albiflora' White flowered version

Schoenoprassum 'black isle' Maroon flowered version.

Schoenoprassum 'Biggy' Strong upright habit big thick fleshy leaves

Schoenoprassum 'Bohemia'

Schoenoprassum 'extra fine' A fine leaved form.

Schoenoprassum 'giant' The largest form of chive

Schoenoprassum 'grande' . Large leaf form up to 5mm wide can also be frozen

Schoenoprassum 'Italian'  Chives from Italy!!! (do well in hotter summers)

Schoenoprassum 'medium' A medium size of chive....multipurpose

Schoenoprassum 'pink perfection' Perfect pink flowered version.

Schoenoprassum 'pot star' One for pot growing on the windowcil

Schoenoprassum 'sturo'




Tuberosum  'Dah Ye'

Tuberosum 'Garne'

Tuberosum 'Kobald'

Tuberosum 'Ping'

Tuberosum 'Shiva' vigorous high disease resistance for cut and come again

Tuberosum 'Tai Jui'









In addition to the above plants we also have many other varieties of herbs.